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Vavilon: sofa and armchair - Yavoryna Office chairs in Yavorina online market - Yavoryna
Furniture factory "Yavorina" produces quality and comfortable upholstered furniture, which corresponds to European environmental criteria to furniture. Designers developing a range cater not only the appearance, but also ergonomic furniture properties. Upholstery is made of polyurethane foam (foam rubber), which is responsible sanitary examinations, and whose security confirmed by international safety certificate German company TUV Rheinland. All this allows you to create reliable furniture that meets the contemporary trends, maintains your health and pleasant to use.
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Furniture factory "Yavoryna" produces chairs, using materials that have passed sanitary examination. Soft part of the chair is made taking into account the orthopedic requirements to chairs with a flat surface. "Bondage Mattresses" filled with foam (polyurethane foam), which, due to their properties, minimizes poor circulation in the muscles. Thus, the chairs of our production is very pleasant in exploitation and help maintain your health. And our designers care that would satisfy the appearance of chairs the most refined tastes.
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Bedroom furniture matches our production the two most important evaluation criteria furniture. First she passed sanitary examination and manufactured from natural, environmentally friendly materials. Since it is in the bedroom a person spends most of his life, furniture that surround it should retain its health. Whether it is a dresser, bed, nightstand or dresser, we use natural wood, and where necessary - other quality wood. A bed mattresses available from clean, absolutely harmless materials first grade. Orthopedic mattress properties allow the body maximum relax during sleep. Second, no less important criterion is beauty and style bedrooms. Our designers very closely related to the appearance of our products. In our catalog you can familiarize yourself with the basic trends in furniture design bedroom and customized specialists will make for your bedroom with a "highlight".
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Create a sense of comfort in the living room can only only with the help of a beautiful and exquisite furniture. We never do not compromise with the quality, so our furniture corresponds to the highest European standards. We use the best paints, that focus on environmental safety and protection of wooden surfaces from all sorts of damage. Therefore, our furniture is safe for health, has as long as possible operation, comfortable to use. Designers developed a large range of furniture for living rooms in different styles. In the catalog you can see the exquisite models windows with elements of thread, elegant Drover (Chest cutlery), tables for TV.
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For complete harmony of body and soul office furniture should be High quality and fully respond to your taste preferences. Furniture factory "Yavoryna" is your choice of a prestigious and reliable office furniture. In the manufacturing process we use eco-friendly materials. Executive Chair and office chair designed to address recommendations of the Institute of Orthopedics. Soft form of the chair is designed to decrease the proportion of the static muscle loads, hinder the normal functioning cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems. Design and construction of office sofas allow relax and relieve stress. A refined design offices creates an atmosphere of wealth and success. In the catalog of furniture can be familiarize yourself with the key positions of office furniture. And when personal meeting our experts will help select or create the furniture is for you.
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We have many years of successful experience in manufacturing furniture accommodations. All our furniture meets the hygienic standards and are of high quality. We can offer you COMPLETE gostichinyh Room upholstered and cabinet furniture, furniture placement on floors, hotel furniture in the lobby and reception area.
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New store was opened in October. Located on territory of Furniture-Making Factory Yavorina. Now, you can buy the popular model in ONE day by minimal price! You can order the model through the site or visit the store in Vyshgorod.
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