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Finished Items

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Sofa London
A comfortable bed and luxurious London decorate the interior!
from 20150 UAH
London chair
Reliable chair that you will never fail
7930 UAH
Sofa Vivian 02
Triple sofa in modern style
from 13000 UAH
Forest double sofa with a coffee table
Comfortable sofa, where the grip of room for all! Sale!
from 21879 UAH
Sofa Provans
Folding sofa Provns - embodied comfort and interior decoration. Sale!
from 9945 UAH
Chair Babylon
Ornate chair in the style of neoclassicism
6240 UAH
Sofa Babylon
Elegant double sofa Babylon in the neo-classical style
8970 UAH
Sofa Sherwood
Triple sofa Sherwood in country style
17420 UAH
Sofa London
The most popular model: comfort in fashion!
from9750 UAH
Armchair Okean
Armchair Ocean is made in classic style
5460 UAH
Provence Bed
Luxury and elegance
24400 UAH
Double bed
Double bed with high upholstered headboard, covered in leather universal shade
29294 UAH
hair Polo 01
Exquisite armchair in a modern style
5850 UAH
hair Polo 02
Exquisite armchair in a modern style
5460 UAH
Sofa Polo
Polo Sofa in modern style with a removable cover
from 12480 UAH
Eastwood Sofa 2
Safety and comfort
from 15610 UAH
Sofa Vivian
Triple sofa in country style
from 11700 UAH
Soft and elegant pouf - nice detail of the interior of the soul
3900 UAH
Chair Etiene
Armchair Etiene made in the mpire style
13260 UAH
Armchair Leon 02
A truly comfortable apartment with a chair Leon 02
7436 UAH
Armchair Leon 01
Comfortable chair Leon 01
8112 UAH
Armchair Montana
Elegance, style and convenience to business, is that possible?
Chair Palermo 01
Elegant chair
4160 UAH
Armchair Manhattan
Bright armchair - for bright personality!
7150 UAH
Armchair "Madrid"
Unusual chair with a soft landing
4680 UAH
Chair Rondo
Interesting chair - and for the house, and in the cafe
Chair "Leonardo"
Graceful chair Leonardo in a classic style
3900 UAH
Chair Roma 03
Soft and cozy chair Roma 03
2990 UAH
hair Roma 01
Extravagant chair Roma 01
5265 UAH
Bar stool Gregori
Comfortable bar stool Gregori
3900 UAH
Bar stool Kantri
Bar stool Kantri. The combination of style and comfort
2600 UAH
Bar stool Laura
Soft and stylish bar stool Laura
2700 UAH
Bar stool Nora
Elegant bar stool Nora
2600 UAH
Chair Nobu
Simple and at the same time comfortable chair
2295 UAH
Chair Marlen
Esthetic chair Marlene
2970 UAH
Chair Laura
Beautiful and comfortable chair
3240 UAH
ouffe folding
Amazing folding pouf
5300 UAH

Chair Laura
Beautiful and comfortable chair
3240 UAH
Chair Roma 02
Magnificent chair Roma 02
2600 UAH
Armchair Santino
Universal armchair - looks good in any interior
3640 UAH
hair Lima
A chair with armrests original form in an interesting color combination - a choice with taste
3770 UAH
Coffee table
Elegant coffee table on curved legs
5138 UAH
Desk Kabinet
Representative and comfortable desk Kabinet
14820 UAH
Showcase 2 doors Provence
Inspired of simplicity and comfort glass case in provence style
20748 UAH
Showcase 1-door Provence
Charming glass case in provence style. Made from natural wood - Carpathian beech tree
13260 UAH
Dining table T-17
Dining table T-17 that will not leave you without attention
17651 UAH
Dining table T-19
Dining table T-19 - The spirit of simplicity and comfort
7150 UAH
Coffee table Provence
Simple and comfortable coffee table in provence style
5928 UAH
Bedside table Provence
The highlight of your bedroom
4056 UAH
Provence Chest
20592 UAH