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Vavilon: sofa and armchair - Yavoryna Office chairs in Yavorina online market - Yavoryna


Manufacture of sofas - one of the key areas of Furniture Factory Yavorina (Kiev, Ukraine). More than 16 years, our factory is engaged in manufacturing upholstered furniture. We take full responsibility to the buyer for their products. At our company we use modern equipment and specialists are working fine. It allows you to perform work of any complexity without compromising quality. For furniture, we use only the best materials that are beautiful, aesthetic appearance and not hazardous to health. All this makes it possible to create a reliable, functional furniture, on which depends the convenience and comfort of your room.

Depending on where the sofa will be located and for what purpose it is intended, you can choose a suitable model you. A small sofa with two seats, will be a wonderful decoration for the office. Living more comfortable corner sofas. Their function - fill your home atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Any product from our catalog can be changed to suit your needs. But if you want to make a sofa to order, count on our staff - they can translate any idea into reality.

Occupy a special place leather sofas. Colors and textures of the skin will help meet the wildest desires. Thus the skin loses its appearance a few years later, because we order it from the finest producers. This suggests that this furniture will not only be the envy of friends, but it will serve you for a long time.

Price sofa formed depending on the upholstery, wood, dimensions and functionality. Therefore, to submit their applications through the shopping cart or call our managers. We are happy to inform the cost and production time of each product.
Sofas: Individual orders
Private orders made out of the lineup
Sofa Monaco
The elegance and classic, embodied in upholstered furniture
Sofa Polo
Laid out attracting attention
Sofa Toffee
A magnificent example of a class "lux".
Sofa Etienne
A great option for the office couch.
Sofa Vavilon
Exclusive sofa, that will give sophistication to any interior.
Sofa Augusto
Soft and comfortable sofa Augusto - comfort zone of your room
Sofa Oscar
Respectability, erected in the degree of comfort - a great choice for home and work
Sofa Avenue
Perfect geometry of straight lines impressed convenience and ergonomics
Sofa Winston
A sense of comfort with one touch.
Sofa Vivian
Simple and understated style.
Sofa Victory
Soft and practical sofa by original design
Sofa Stephanie
Classic sofa, that will always be in fashion.
Sofa Olympus
This sofa will give an unforgettable experience to the owner.
Sofa Magnat
Affordable luxury.
Sofa Lancaster
Aesthetically perfect sofa with soft shapes that will always be timeless and not subject to fashion
Sofa Eastwood
Character is the original ranch style collection