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New Restaurant "Beton" (Kiev) on Kiev's map

New Restaurant "Beton" (Kiev) on Kiev's map

In January 2013 was opened restaurant "Beton" of European, Japanese and traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Location: Kiev, Dniprovska naberezhnaya, 26.

We present this place as restaurant of unusual design and interior solutions. Colorful uplostery furniture, large windows, natural walls of concrete, interesting pictures, written by Olga Andronova especially for restaurant, - this whole creates a unique atmosphere in which you want to stay as long as possible.

Furniture-Making Factory Yavorina tried as accurately maintain the style designed interior furniture and embody the idea of ​​the architectural bureau Yunakov (www.yunakov.com) in all of its products, such as sofas, chairs, tables and other interior items.

We hope you have enjoy and you'll be comfortable with our furniture and Beton's service.

We invite you to cooperation!