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About Us

Yavorina Furniture Making Factory, Ltd.

Since 1997. The Furniture Making Factory "Yavorina" for today is one of the most serious Ukrainian manufacturers of soft furniture and products from a wood for home and office, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture. 

High quality, new technologies, modern design, the accessible prices, and as the individual approach to each client for all years of job on the Ukrainian market have created a name and reputation of the enterprise of high quality.

фото 1 Мебельная фабрика Яворина :: Онас
The customers of production of furniture factory "Yavorina" are the known firms, state structures, scientific organizations, prestigious restaurants, clubs, hotel. The enterprise "Yavorina" grows and develops: in 2001 from the rented premises on suburb of city the enterprise has moved to picturesque place of the Kiev region, Vyshgorod. The own cases are built up, are equipped with modern, highly technological machine tools, equipment and tools.

Фото 2 Мебельная фабрика ЯворинаThe following stage in development of firm became purchase in 2003 of the Italian equipment with digital program management for manufacturing chairs, armchairs, lunch tables, journal and other products from a wood. This equipment allows to produce the difficult and refined patterns on products from a wood, that enables to produce unique, individual products of high quality and accuracy in short terms.

Using advanced technologies, constantly investigating needs of the consumers, sensitively reacting on modern changes of styles and directions, the furniture factory "Yavorina" with confidence looks at tomorrow's day.

фото 3 Мебельная фабрика Яворина :: Онас фото 4 Мебельная фабрика Яворина :: Онас

The enterprise "Yavorina" successfully realizes production through a network of shops in cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Zaporoje, Kharkov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Simferopol and it is a lot of others. The export is sent to the following countries: Russia, Hungary, Holland. The firm has the advanced dealer network.

Quality of performance and the variants of design of our models highly are estimated by furniture exhibitions, which are spent in cities of Ukraine and Russia that confirm the received diplomas and awards of the last years. Especially allocates production of our enterprise annual furniture exhibitions.

 In firm interior - shop "Yavorina" alongside with the models for a long time which have received a recognition and stable demand of the buyers, it is possible to familiarize with novelties and last technological development. The skilled and affable sellers - advisers will help with a choice of models, and as variants fabrics and furnish.


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